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Practicing functional nutrition therapy is the future of healthcare. that’s because it’s the only method that gets to the heart of what’s going on with your clients, no matter their signs, symptoms or diagnosis. a functional approach creates individualized nutrition and lifestyle plans that actually work.

Here at Grace’s Nutrition Market, we are passionate about getting to the heart of what’s going, no matter your signs, symptoms or diagnosis. Although we are not doctors, we are Certified Nutritionist who take a Full Body Systems approach, (body, mind and soul) to empower you with the knowledge, coaching, tools and tips for greater health and wellness. Our Nutritional Counseling, Quality Supplement and Emotional Release Therapy can help us understand and address the root causes of illnesses.

In today’s complex health care system, it’s easy to lose faith while navigating through your health and wellness journey. Doctors are compensated based on productivity and volume, which doesn’t allow them the time to get to the root cause of problems and develop a customized solution. Even if the warning signs of a serious problem are there, they may be forced to take a “wait and see” approach. At times your situation can fall through the cracks and leave you feeling lost. Which way should I go and what should I do.

Our Nutritional Consulting Program is a one-on-one health and wellness coaching and concierge service that can pinpoint the cause through comprehensive assessment and appropriate lab testing. We take a holistic and functional integrative approach that involve nutrition, lifestyle, support and ongoing monitoring to measure the results and motivate you towards the lifestyle changes required to facilitate and sustain optial health. Our goal is to help put the pieces to the puzzle back together by creating, managing and executing a plan to reach your optimal health. We can coordinate a plan to bridge the gap so you can better understand your condition while guiding you through your health and wellness journey. Let us create, manage, and help you execute a plan for optimal health!

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