Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna


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Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna/Personal Sauna Tent

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is the only Portable FAR Sauna using Medical Device Technology.

The Relax Sauna technology is far more advanced than most Infrared Saunas,
It uses 40 semi-conductor chips to generate 95-99% Far Infrared Energy.
This is unheard of in the Infrared Sauna industry, as energy generated by most sauna companies range from 15 to 60% FIR.
The Relax Sauna, hence, is able to produce results more effectively and more quickly.

Most who try the Relax Sauna  are surprised they feel so good so quickly,
and tell us that this is by far the best FIR sauna experience they have ever had.

The Relax Sauna has won numerous International Awards for its technology using FAR infrared heating panels and its convenient portability.