Heritage Products Organic Castor Oil – 32 fl oz bottle

  • This organic castor oil helps keep your hair, eyebrows and skin hydrated
  • Diligently formulated to help rejuvenate your dry and damaged hair
  • Get glowing and healthy looking skin with this fragrance-free oil
Size: 32 Ounce


Product details

For feathery soft skin that looks and feels silky smooth, try the cold-pressed formula of Organic Castor Oil by Heritage Products. Organic Castor Oil utilizes the oil of the castor plant ( Ricinus communis ), a species of flowering plant native to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa and India. Castor oil is derived from the seed of this plant, and it has a wide variety of uses ranging from topical use such as maintaining healthy skin to consumption for relieving constipation and other digestional ailments.


Container Type Bottle
Organic Yes
Hexane-Free Yes
Chemical-Free Yes
Fragrance-Free Yes