Health Direct – BeActive 60 Capsules

  • Primary and Secondary anti-inflammatory activity
  • Builds, repairs and protects cartilage
  • Improves joint lubrication
  • Minor pain relief
  • Inhibits MMP’s Matrix MetalloProteases


Product details

Unisex . Capsule . Hyaluronic Acid . Collagen . Supplements . Dairy-free . Gluten-free . Energy . Adult . Wheat-free

BeActive is a cutting-edge, anti-aging joint care and muscle recovery formula derived from natural sources. BeActive promotes healthy joints helping to preserve and restore youthful activity and mobility in everyday life. The subject of over 20 scientific studies, BeActive is also the ONLY supplement of its kind certified for its ability to support healthy MMP (Matrix Metalloprotease) activity within normal levels. One study even showed 93 percent of participants feeling significant and noticeable improvement in joint comfort. Also eco-friendly, BeActive has even been independently studied to be SUPERIOR to Glucosamine and Chondroitin.


Serving Size 2 Capsules
Other Ingredients Gelatin, titanium dioxide, chlorophyll
Contains Shellfish as well as gelatin from bovine and pork