Glucose Sugar Metabolism Factors Michael’s Naturopathic 90 Tabs

  • With Chromium and Zinc.
  • Dietary Supplement.
  • Michael’s Glucose/Sugar Metabolism Factors (Original) is made with vitamins, minerals and herbs.
Multipack Quantity: 90 Tabs


Product details

Tablet . Amino Acids . L-glutamine . Vegan . Herbal . Kosher . Supplements . Gluten-free . Vegetarian . Adult
Contains nutrients essential for the body’s utilization of glucose (sugar in the blood). Includes chromium (ChromeMate) manganese and zinc (OptiZinc) that are all involved in blood glucose functions with pantothenic acid for energy. Supports and nourishes the pancreas and the adrenal glands. Contains no glandulars. Contains Gymnema and Nopales.


Vitamin u0026 Supplement Type Glucosamine Supplements
Count 1
Multipack Quantity 1
Assembled Product Weight 1 lbs