Foods Alive 8 oz Organic Protein Power 4

  • Directions: As a smoothie protein booster add one (1) tablespoon to your favorite smoothie/nutrition shake recipe.
  • Serving Size: One (1) Tablespoon (9 g).
  • Ingredients: Chia Protein Powder* Sesame Protein Powder* Hemp Protein Powde.


Product details

Powder . Protein . Amino Acids . Pea . Muscle Gain . Vegan . Organic . Plant-based

So, you’llonly find the highest quality certified organic ingredients in the foods wemake. Their delicate process preserves the vital living enzymes and essential nutrients,while at the same time, creating a crispy, crunch, savory snack. This attentionto detail, allows us to craft all of their products with the highest quality offlavor, freshness and essential nutrition.


Serving Size One (1) Tablespoon (9 g)