Celebration Herbals – Green Tea Jasmine Premium Organic 24 Bag

  • Beautiful Jasmine Green Tea from China.
  • Traditional Chinese style, Premium grade.
  • This is REAL tea.
  • Box is made from 100-Percent post consumer waste, and teabags are made oxygen bleached paper.
Variety: Jasmine Green


Product details

Unsweetened . Bag . Low Calorie . Jasmine . Green . Kosher . Organic . Green Tea . China
Featuresgreen tea jasmine premium organic24 bagcase of 12directionsuse one 1 tea bag per cup of tea desired. Heat water to boiling, then cool slightly before pouring over tea bag. Cover and steep – optimal brewing time is about 3 minutes depending on how strong you enjoy your tea. Ingredientsorganic jasmine green tea camellia sinensis chinese style – premium grade usda organic/contains caffeine. Specificationsweight: 0. 21 Lbs.


Skin Type Sensitive
Global Brand License Ferrari
Absorbency Desiccants
Count 1
Multipack Quantity 100
Scent Jasmine
SPF Value 10
Body Part Hand
Nutrient Content Claims Organic
Piece Count 1
Recommended Use Party
Count Per Pack 10
Sports League NHL