Cedar Bear Naturales XODINE Nascent Deep Earth Iodine 1

  • Essential for Thyroid, Immune Function, and Overall Health
  • Improves Clarity and Alertness Due to Fatigue
  • Boost Metabolism and Maintain Energy Levels
  • Fight Against Environmental and Dietary Toxins
  • Kosher Certified, Halal Dietary Compliant, and Vegan Certified, Non-GMO, FDA cGMP inspected and HACCP compliant


Product details

Liquid . Vegan . Herbal . Kosher . Supplements . Vegetarian . Energy . Heart Support . Brain & Memory Support . Adult

Iodine is essential for thyroid health and metabolism. Without it, the thyroid gland cannot produce thyroid hormones that are foundational to overall health. Iodine also benefits energy levels, cellular health, cardiovascular health, immune function, healthy skin, and benefits young bodies in developing and growing both before and after birth. Iodine has an important role in heart, liver, breast and prostate health, and so much more. In fact, every cell in every body needs iodine! While iodine is an essential mineral for our health, our bodies cannot make it. Supplementing your diet daily with the right kind of iodine supports not only your thyroid, but also helps with all aspects of health. If you are experiencing low or fluctuating moods, difficulty losing weight, low energy, brain fog, dry skin, feel sensitive to cold, or have cold hands and feet, you may benefit from supplementing your diet with Xodine Iodine. Iodine supplementing is recommended for all people of all ages and is especially important while preparing for and during pregnancy and nursing, and for infants and young children. Xodine Iodine by Cedar Bear 0.9% is a mono-element triiodide of iodine and does not contain other iodides or potassium. Xodine Iodine is made with glycerin from natural deep earth sourced iodine, and is gentle, non-toxic, and a wonderful addition to your daily health support and for all members of your family, including your pets.


Flavor Iodine
Product Dimensions 1.18 x 1.18 x 3.94 inches; 2.88 ounces