Bluebonnet – Advanced Probiotics Chewable Acidophilus 60 Wafers

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Size: 60 Wafers


Product details

Probiotics . Herbal . Kosher . Supplements . Dairy-free . Gluten-free . Chewable . Digestive Support . Adult . Unisex
Formulated with Dr. Shahani”s clinically studied probiotics, DDS-1 strain (a highly stable super strain of L-acidophilus) and bifidobacterium bifidum. Each raspberry flavor chewable wafer provides over one billion viable microorganisms at the time of manufacturing that have been extensively researched for supporting the growth of friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to help support digestive health.



Bifidobacterium Bifidum (750 million CFU) 7.5 mg
Calories  5
L. Acidophils DDS-1 Strian (750 million CFU) 3g
Sugars (Includes 1 g Added Sugars) 1 g
Total Carbohydrate 1 g
Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid) 100 mg